The PEARL girls are on a mission to tackle plastic pollution. We have developed a superpower products to help save our rivers and oceans. We believe that our planet deserves as much appreciation as all of the other people in our lives.  


The PEARL girls came together working for a design and ethical manufacture agency Do Good Factory, supplying for some of the biggest global retailers out there. We produced thousands of synthetic garments over the years, and became increasingly aware of our global impact, and our wastage, when we added it all together, we knew we were part of the problem, and this weighed heavily on us, as such a conscious team in many other ways.. We read studies, you-tubed, and talked to friends at environmental companies. The studies, were powerful, and difficult to consume, as we know that our company was part of the problem. After 8 years in fast fashion, and creating fabrics for aesthetics and functionality, we wanted to take another step on our adventure, and create extraordinary accessories, for all women, that showed up for our life source, mother earth.

We put real people at the center of everything that we do, and we support equality and human rights for everyone. We believe we can all make a difference.
We design our products and operate our business through a lens of circularity and longevity to minimize environmental impact. Sustainable development means a better quality of life for everyone, now and for our future friends.
Our manufacturing partners share our collective values, and provide best-in-class product quality, and share our values for human rights and environmentalism. 

Ultimately, what we’re building is a community of spirited and humane creatures who believe in our collective power for the planet. 

So happy we found each other,