Women's History Month Spotlight: Student develops biodegradable tampons, aims to help hundreds of homeless women!

In honor of women's history month, we are putting an incredible student in the spotlight who is developing biodegradable tampons made of banana fiber, aiming to help hundreds of homeless women. 

"It is not always possible for homeless people to buy tampons. University student Rafaella de Bona Gonçalves from Curitiba developed an internal absorbent made from banana fiber that comes in the form of a roll, similar to toilet paper! 

Rafaella developed "Maria - absorbent intimate" which is hygienic, practical, disposable, and universal. ⁣

The material is made of banana fiber and comes in the form of a roll, like toilet paper. To form a tampon, the woman simply unrolls a segment, detaches it, and rolls it up. She can customize it to suit her needs.⁣

For now, the "Maria - intimate absorbent" is a project. Rafaella still has no prediction of when the prototype will be ready, nor an expectation of how much a roll would cost, but she believes in the success of the project because, in addition to the test with the format being positive, the banana fiber is already used for the functionality proposed by the young woman.⁣" - @sustainabilitychampions

To learn more, visit her instagram page at @rafaellabona