Sustainability Champions: Javier Goyeneche collects 600k tons of ocean plastic waste with the help of 3,000 fishermen, turns it into clothing!

Javier Goyeneche has only goal: to create the first generation of recycled products with the same quality, design and techcnical properties as the best non-recycled products. That way, they show that there is no need to use our world's natural resources in a careless way. 🐟🐟🐟⁣

Javier, the founder of Ecoalf (@ecoalf) makes clothing made out of 100% recycled plastic materials to produce high-quality fashion; but most important of all, it uses the recycled plastic trash collected from the oceans with their partner fishermen. ⁣

Their most revolutionary project is the "Upcycling the Oceans" which was launched in 2015 where they work with over 3,000 fishermen in 60 Spanish ports (Mediterranean and Atlantic) who extract 600 tonnes of waste per year from the ocean floor.⁣

Ecoalf, with their recycled plastic fashion, has reused over 70,000,000 plastic bottles and 60 tonnes of fishing nets. After collecting the bottles, they refine the recycled plastic and turn it into chips. Then, the chips are heated and pulled apart into fibres and spun into yarn. Finally, EcoALF fibre. With 70 plastic bottles and with 135 grams of nets you can create one meter of fabric. ⁣

Thanks to the plastic bottles, EcoAlf has saved a 20% in water, 50% in energy and over a 60% in greenhouse emissions.⁣
By using recycled fishing nets, the brand has saved over a 25% of natural resources, as well as 28% in green house gas emissions and, last but not least, they are preventing marine pollution.⁣

To learn more about Ecoalf, visit their website at⁣

Source: Plastics The Mag