Fisherman creates artwork that he drops in the sea to prevent illegal fishing that damages sea floor!

In an effort to stop illegal trawling, or the dragging of nets that are weighed down with heavy chains to scrape the sea bottom, Italian fisherman Paolo Fanciulli teamed up with sculptors to create huge marble artwork that he drops in the Mediterranean to help save Tuscan fish! 🐠⁣

Paolo's idea of the "House of Fish" Project was to first block those doing illegal trawling by installing cement blocks to rupture the nets since 2013. The brilliant idea was then born to replace the cement with statues from marble blocks donated by Presidente delle Cave Michelangelo di Carrara, Franco Barattini, carved by artists such as Massimo Catalani and Giorgio Butini that would in turn create an incredible underwater art museum and stop the nets.⁣

The underwater sculptures create both a physical barrier for nets and a unique underwater museum. The “museum” is open to anyone who can arrange a visit – either through guided scuba tours or by arranging their own dive.⁣

It’s located along the Argentario section of the Tuscan coast, which has been plagued by trawling, and this year boats have been caught carrying illegal nets and fishing in protected waters.⁣

To learn more about his project, visit his website at⁣

Source: The Guardian⁣ / @sustainabilitychampions 

📸:: Toscana Chiana Ambiente/ The Guardian⁣